Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Three Voices

In your head, at any given time,
are 3 voices.

The first one is your own.

This one wonders, questions, deliberates.
          "Should I do this, then?"
"I wonder if this will be better than that?"
                    "Maybe I'll go.  But maybe it's better if I stay..."

The second voice is the Light of Christ, or your conscience.

This voice points to Christ and leads you to do good.  
It is positive and direct. It will lead you to salvation, even by small and simple things.
 (Like putting away laundry, if that will lead to your salvation.)
It's a quiet voice mostly, preferring to say one thing, one time and then to wait.
                            "Go apologize."
      "Read your Scriptures."
                     "Pick up your socks."
            "Call him. Now."

The third voice is reactive.  It never leads to do good.  It often follows up the suggestions of good with a barrage of negative ideas or excuses.  
It can't stop with just one objection-this can be a key in identifying it. This voice is from the adversary.  

"I should read my scriptures.  But I'm too tired.  I can't find them. And I don't get anything out of them when I'm tired.  And I have to get up early tomorrow."

(Did you catch that?  This devious voice attempts to sound so reasonable, even responsible.... "I really ought to go to bed early!" Ha! Like this voice really cares about your well-being.)

More examples: 
*"I love church.  I'm almost ready, but I'm going to be late because my white shirt is dirty and my kids are fighting and they fought so much last week I didn't get anything out of it.  I bet lots of people were distracted by my kids and would appreciate it if we didn't come. I wonder if I should go this week? I wonder if I have it in me to do this today?"

*"I see that girl all alone.  I'd like to be friends with her.  I wonder if she needs a friend.  I doubt I'd have anything to say and would sound stupid trying to make conversation. Remember that one time I tried to talk to a lady I didn't know and it was all kinds of awkward?  I don't think I want to do that again. Plus, this conversation with my friends is so compelling."

Can you see all three voices?  The prompting from the Light of Christ to do good?  The questions and wondering from yourself?  The adversary with the barrage of reasons shutting you down? 

It's pretty apparent what's happening when they are all spelled out on a page...but it's trickier to identify when you are experiencing them as thoughts that move faster than lightening.  

Learning to identify the 3 voices is the KEY!!!

Once you know what the 3 voices are, you can figure out which one to listen to.  You will be able to follow the Light of Christ more and more often!

The Light of Christ will lead us to do good, to become better, and ultimately will lead us home, to that God who gave us life and offers us exaltation, if we choose to follow Him.  

These words are mine 
but this concept was taken from the book:

"Following the Light of Christ
into His Presence"
By John Pontius

             I recommend it highly.


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